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That was a great video. I hope your rotavator comes home soon.

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This week, I find that I can respond, which is great. 😊 My first thought was that I had been meaning to say that studying the mechanics of combustion machines and stocking-up on spare parts might be an option. My dad was always repeating the scout motto 'Be prepared' to me !! Also, right now, isn't there someone else who could repair it?

I think a few of us are late with planting this year. Here in the Haute Loire we seem to have gone straight from it being too cold to put the seedlings into cold frames to it being too hot to leave them in there. I'm tearing my hair out. I have quite a few shrivelled up gonnas.

My pond is full of wildlife. Have you got one? I have dragons and damsels everywhere..... Still waiting for a frog!m !

I'd love to attend the 'do' in August but that's complicated and I don't really know how I could contribute. There are so many more clever people out there. I'm a good digger.

Lol! Have a great week Ben and profite bien du beau temps ! Sara Dawn

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I admire your work and how much you get done (or at least set in motion)...your energy and commitment to your cause inspire me - just throwing that your way this holiday Monday...

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