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As you probably know, I’m trying to live outside money. But, I did go and do a crazy thing and rescue three little piggies. I keep trying to grow enough food for them, but every time I seem to get close, the go and eat it. And then they grow. Tony is probably about 150 kilos these days! So any paid subscription is basically a donation to their fat tummies. And we are all incredibly grateful.

I hope you think that the content is worth something - if it’s worth your interest, then that makes me happy, tell me from time to time by clicking the heart button or something - but I know that I am not producing actual value for money for 5€ a month. You could buy a good second hand hardback for that, and hardly even getting the title of The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Containing a Faithful Account of the Fortunes, Misfortunes, Uprisings, Downfallings, and Complete Career of the Nickleby Family for that. But between us, we’re going to pretend it’s worth a coffee a month, and thank you for joining in the charade with me :)

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One man's 10 year plan to build a post climate-catastrophe community. Weekly updates on what it takes, successes, missteps & pig photos! Free and paid are the same, except free makes my heart sing & paid is also a wonderful donation to the pig food fund!


One man's 10 year plan to build a post-climate change, self-sufficient, vegan community; investigating what we can do to shorten the time we spend in collapse. You can get in touch at info@thebarracks.de.